Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products.

Powder coating has many advantages including improved durability and wear characteristics, along with better impact resistance. Powder coating is offered in an array of colors and finishes, such as gloss, semi-gloss, and flat finish.

Action Powder Coating also offer more exotic finishes like candy, wrinkle, and other unique textures. In need of Powder coating rims on Long Island? Get in touch with Action Powder Coating for all your powder coating needs. Call us today at (631) 845-1949


Polishing is a practice used on chrome and other types of exposed metal that produces an attractive mirror finish. Polishing improves the life and quality of your metals by removing oxidation from the surface, preventing rust.

Action Powdercoating frequently handles polishing for our customers, in addition to stripping paint and other coatings before a polish and re-polishing. You can count on Action Powdercoating to bring your favorite car or motorcycle to a brilliant shine.


We powder coat and polish rims of all shapes sizes and materials. Whether chrome or stainless steel, we can polish and powder coat your rims to get them looking better than new!

Whether you want your new rims to reflect the sunlight or you would like them to match the paint job on your car, we have the experience to get your rims exactly how you want them done. Take a look at our gallery to see the many examples of rims that we have done for other customers, in every color and shape you could imagine.


We powder coat frames of all types; cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, go-carts, and off road vehicles are all examples of frame work that we have done before.

Powder coating is a great way to protect the bare metal of the frame from the elements, leaving your vehicle with a great uniform finish.

Powder coating has advantages over a regular paint job because it produces a perfectly even coat.


Action Powder Coating also works on household objects of all varieties; Anything made out of metal can be powder coated. We have done powder coating for appliances, golf clubs, patio furniture, garden tools, exercise equipment, tool boxes, fire extinguishers, shelves, display racks, light poles, and even thumbtacks!


Sandblasting is a technique used to smooth, roughen, clean, or shape a surface, usually the frame of a car. It’s also an efficient way to remove old paint to replace it with a new finish. For some vintage cars, sandblasting is the best way to restore them.

At Action Powder Coating, we take extreme care when sandblasting your car. We value accuracy and meticulous work over the time it takes to get done, so your car will be in its best possible condition. We know that each car is different and will give your car a specialized sandblasting treatment.